Parent Groups

Each class has their own Parent Group which is made up of parents of children in the program. The Parent Group will meet once each month.

All parents are encouraged to be a part of their Parent Group. The meetings will be held during a time which is convenient to the majority of the parents. Childcare is provided during the meeting.

During the meetings, you will be able to help plan many exciting activities for yourself and for your children, such as field trips, parties, and classroom activities. You will make decisions about the parent funds and choose topics for trainings which can be held during your parent meetings.

At your first parent meeting, you will select four officers: chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, and alternate secretary. These people will lead your parent group, and two elected members will represent your group at Policy Council (one elected member will represent the full day class).

Conducting a Parent Meeting

  1. The chairperson should start the meeting on time.
  2. The secretary will pass around a sign-in sheet and read the minutes of the last meeting.
  3. The chairperson will report on the parent activity funds.
  4. The chairperson will call for business items, getting approval or denial on each item discussed.
  5. Announcements will be made of upcoming Head Start or community events.
  6. Set a date and time for the next meeting.
  7. Someone will make a motion to adjourn the meeting which will be seconded by another person.

Attending a Parent Meeting

  1. People should not talk among themselves during the meeting. Please silence your cell phone or set it to vibration only. If you have a cell phone call or text which requires your attention, please take it outside of the meeting room.
  2. Children will be in childcare during the parent meeting. During any parent/child activities or dinners, parents are responsible for their children and should keep children with them at all times. It is not appropriate to let children run around during an activity.
  3. If you have a comment, raise your hand. When you are recognized by the chairperson, you may state your question or opinion.
  4. After your statement, there will be discussion.
  5. Someone will make a motion to accept or reject and the motion will then be seconded by another person. The group will then vote by saying “yes” or “no.”

Responsibilities of the Officers


  1. Will meet with the teacher and set up a plan for the Parent Meeting of things to be discussed. Plans should include:
    1. Attendance
    2. Policy Council report
    3. Business
    4. Announcements, community events
    5. Date and time of next meeting
    6. Educational activity and curriculum
  2. Will conduct Parent Meeting.
  3. Will attend Policy Council once per month.
  4. Will share with Policy Council any interesting activities done in the Parent Group.
  5. Will share Policy Council happenings with the Parent Group.
  6. Will present a parent fund report.

Vice Chairperson

  1. Will assume duties of the chairperson in their absence.
  2. Will attend Policy Council meeting monthly.


Will take written minutes of Parent Meeting, sign name, and date, and turn them in to the teacher immediately after the meeting.

  • Minutes should include a list of people attending the meeting.
  • All expenditures of parent funds must be approved by the Parent Group, and motions showing approval must be included in the minutes.

Alternate Secretary

Will assume the duties of the secretary in their absence.