Ambassadors Club

The [FCSC] Head Start Ambassadors Club provides opportunities for former Head Start Policy Council members who are no longer eligible to serve on the Council to continue to be involved and supportive of the Head Start program.

Members will…

  • Serve as advisors to Policy Council and Head Start coordinator.
  • Assist in community projects.
  • Serve on committees.
  • Help with orientations, recruitment, enrollment, fundraisers, social events, transition activities, and other Head Start occasions when invited to do so.
  • Encourage and assist Head Start parents, especially Policy Council members, to develop leadership skills.
  • Serve as advocates for Head Start in the community and to representatives of the state and national legislatures.

Those who have served on Policy Council and are no longer eligible to be voting members (and whose children are no longer enrolled in Head Start) may elect to join the Ambassadors Club by advising the Policy Council president of their desire to serve.

Rights and Responsibilities

According to Head Start guidelines and [FCSC] Head Start policies and procedures, only elected members of the Council may vote and participate in Council decisions. Others may attend, present information, and share opinions upon invitation by the Council.

  • Ambassadors may attend Policy Council meetings upon invitation by the Council.
  • Ambassadors will receive a Policy Council handbook.
  • Ambassadors may ask to have items of business put on Policy Council .meeting agendas by contacting the Policy Council chairperson or the Head Start coordinator at least ten days before the meeting.
  • Members of the Ambassadors Club will be contacted after missing four meetings to determine if they want to continue to serve.