Our Vision

We continue to provide quality services for children and families and be on the forefront in advocating for programs in our community that shape the future one child, one family at a time.

  • Through partnerships, programming will be offered that results in a more well-rounded population.
  • Professional and competent staff will work together to solve problems while upholding the program philosophy.
  • Fayette County Head Start will continue to investigate and implement literacy, science, and math programming to meet each child’s individual needs.
  • Children and families who meet income guidelines will continue to b served the program.

Our Philosophy: The Values That Shape Our Work

These values represent the basic beliefs that are important to us in order to operate the Head Start program in Fayette County.

  • Professionalism: Making decisions in the best interest of the Head Start program and families in an ethical, confidential, and knowledgeable manner.
  • Accountability: Responsibility for carrying out program goals with measurable results.
  • Competence: Possessing the knowledge and initiative to successfully and confidently carry out job duties.
  • Compassion: Accepting diversity; acting with empathy, humor, and sensitivity; and showing respect and patience for all.
  • Honesty: Communicating and interacting with staff, families, and community in a truthful, straightforward, yet tactful manner.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable to new circumstances and carrying out duties with resiliency.

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Our Staff

At the Fayette County Head Start program, we pride ourselves on having an amazing, well-qualified group leading our classrooms, inspiring your children, and meeting the needs of our community.

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Career Opportunities

We are currently in need of substitute assistant teachers and nutritional personnel.  If you are interested, please contact us (765)827-0191 ext. 47222 The Fayette County Head Start program is an equal-opportunity employer.


Fayette County School Corporation Board of School Trustees General Responsibilities Procedures for program planning. Program philosophy and long and short range program goals/objectives. Criteria for defining recruitment, selection, and enrollment priorities. Funding applications/amendments to funding applications prior to the submission of the application. Enablement of low-income members to participate fully in their group responsibilities by … Continue reading Governance